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La Vida Alpaca & Tahoma Vista Fiber Mill

Specializing in Alpaca Fiber Processing

Jean Van Effen and David Bagshaw
15631 159th Ln SEYelm, WA 98597

SGC Master Fiber Sorter

Full Service Fiber Prep Services

Pricing: $10/noodled blanket fleece
$12/bagged blanket fleece
$15/whole fleece, including neck, leg and belly fiber
Questions: 3608941273

Service Description

Jean is an SGC (Sorting, Classing, Grading) Master Sorter, and will fully sort your fiber, or skirt it for processing. Sorting helps to maximize your fiber value by combining smaller quantities of like fiber for a more uniform end product, and helps to meet higher minimums for some mills.

Terms of Service

Email us to be added to the sorting queue.