— The AAWW Team

Waypoint Farm

Waypoint to Perfection

Sue and Randy Steensma
2101 Lower Monitor Rd.Wenatchee, WA 98801

About Us

Waypoint...a significant point on a journey; a point where a traveler can change course; a point between major points on a route.

...as Randy and I navigate our way to a commercially viable alpaca herd we know that we must plan on certain waypoints to keep us on track. The last few years we have focused on consistency and longevity of fineness. To accomplish this ,we brought in our new herdsire “Messiah’s Legacy (Mr. XX) plus a few new females that we are sure will help in our journey.

This year's goal and "waypoint" is to lower the guard hair in our herd. We have made a few changes in nutrition and will start looking for new genetics to infuse into our program.

Please join us on this journey. One of the most pleasurable aspects of owning alpacas is watching the evolution of our herd. There is always a new puzzle piece to add.

Randy and I have owned alpacas for ten years. We still both work out side of our farm. Randy is owner and president of Honeybear Tree Fruit Co. This is his passion as much as the alpacas are mine. We both have a background in agriculture which has helped us in all of our farming adventures which include not only our sales and marketing company but also apple orchards, and now hay fields and alpacas.

There is no better lifestyle than farming. We feel God has richly blessed us, allowing us to live in a beautiful area with such captivating animals. You are always welcome to join me for a cup of tea to talk about alpacas and enjoy a tour of our farm.