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Polaris Alpacas

Breeding For The Future

Betty Tanner and Bill Karle
3306 92nd Street EastTacoma, WA 98446

About Us

How we became Alpaca Ranchers

Polaris Alpacas LLC was founded in 2008 after we, Betty Tanner and Bill Karle, attended Alpacapalooza at the Western Washington Fairgrounds in Puyallup, Washington. Bill is a project estimator and Betty is a nurse. We were taken by the animals we saw at the show and began investigating all things alpaca. We met many new friends along the way, have gathered much information, read many books, taken seminars, researched thru the web, and most importantly, have visited many alpaca ranches in lots of different areas (Washington, Oregon, the South, Midwest and the Northeastern states) and talked extensively with other owners, breeders, and vets.

We've participated in the Ideal Alpaca Community because we believe that scientific study and analysis will bring about significant improvement of the alpaca and its products. We are members of ARI and ARIList to continue participating in EPD (expected progeny differences). We will have our information publicly available because we believe that the more information one has, the better choices they will make with resulting improvement all around. Our vision is to see alpaca fiber become a leading product in the U.S. for clothing and its other diverse uses, and EPD's promote improvement of the fleece creating fine soft fiber with excellent handle. This idea allows us to participate in a sustainable and ecologically friendly, luxury fiber market, useful in many industries that doesn't overburden the environment. We are delighted that ARI is continuing this program. We are also members of Alpaca Association of Western Washington who sponsors Alpacapalooza each year, and, AOBA (Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association).

We are called Polaris Alpacas, named after Polaris, the North Star, which is the guiding star used for navigation. We wanted a name that wasn’t connected to our location or to either of our names. This led us to looking at the stars, and after a few weeks research, we decided on Polaris Alpacas. We’ve been told that naming our cria was going to be a pretty difficult job, but as we named them star names, the choosing became easier. As you read our animal descriptions you will get an astronomy lesson as well. We may later turn to Missile names just for variety! In any case, the ‘sky’s’ the limit!

As of March 2011 our herd consists of 20 animals, three cats and soon to be guard dog puppy. We have bred our females to Studmaster males, however, we kept open 5 of our females this year in preparation for the move to our permanent location. December 2010 we moved to a beautiful home outside of Tacoma, Washington where we were able to bring the alpacas home the following month. It was quite a 'culture shock' for us to suddenly have a significant herd to care for....in the snow! We plan on enlarging our farm citizenry with chickens (organic free ranging meat and eggs) as soon as we can get a home for them put together. Its quite a big bite for city kids, but, we want to live more healthfully ourselves, and promote healthfulness for the environment as well. You can follow our updates on our blog.

Now you can find us as My Polaris Alpacas (without spaces) on Twitter, and as Polaris Alpacas on Facebook!