— The AAWW Team


Roy's Royalties, Fiber, and Finery

Alyna Mitchell & Charley Moore
5309 336th St SRoy, WA 98580


Welcome. This is the start of a new endeavor for my husband and I and we are excited to enter the herd. Some very fine animals will be joining us this spring from a very reputable owner who is retiring and graciously allowing us to take over the herd and continue a legacy. If you have heard of and respect Columbia Mist, and if you have had interest in that herd, it will now be found here. We will continue the pursuit for lovely and fine fiber and great breeding stock for all to enjoy.

Open while under construction

This is a farm under development. We hope to have everything up and running in the next couple months but the alpaca males are available for breeding. If you are looking for a stud to bring some feature inprovements into your herd, feel free to contact us.